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Boarded Up Talent

Boarded Up Talent is our newest program launch. Boarded Up Talent is a booking agency that advocates for the artists we have worked with for Boarded Up Music.

Our YouTube channel serves as a catalog of all of our artists and their music, so potential music venues, event planners, and more can browse and find an artist that matches their vision. All the artists on our page have been vetted for professionalism by our board, plus all our videos are filmed live, with little, to no audio editing done. This means that you can be confident in the artists you're booking and the performance they will provide live.

Boarded Up Talent is a program we felt we needed to implement for independent artists. The typical booking agency takes a large percentage of the artist's pay as their own, and Boarded Up Talent does not. Boarded Up Talent takes absolutely no commissions or payment from the artists to insure that they receive all of their hard earned money. 

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