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We have three different platforms where we accept contributions, they are all linked here. We have provided three options so that all of our donors can utilize a platform they feel most comfortable with. The funds from all these platforms go directly back into our efforts and allow us to cover the costs of things such as; staffing our camera and editing crew, equipment, necessary computer programs, website hosting, etc. We are extremely grateful to everyone that becomes a part of our mission and we hope to do all that we can to continue to make positive progress in aiding the music community and allowing it to flourish to its greatest ability. 

Getting Involved

We know that not everyone can contribute monetarily, and we know that some people would love to offer their support in other ways and we are thankful for any and all support. If you aren't able to contribute, watching and interacting with our YouTube videos is another amazing way to show us support. Interaction allows our videos to reach larger audiences and also generates more support for the individual artists as well. Click the link below for our YouTube page and show us some love. If you're interested in volunteering with us, send us an email with information on what your interests/strengths are and we will consider how we can include you in the dream! Also, feel free to follow our other social media accounts and check back in to this website to stay up to date on what we're doing next!

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