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Boarded Up Music

Boarded Up Music was the starting program of our foundation. Boarded Up Music understands the challenges faced by independent artists in today's competitive industry. In response to these challenges, we began awarding the Boarded Up Music award to provide artists with tools to target these three foundations for independent music; Production, Promotion, and Preservation. 


Once an artist is selected as our next recipient, Boarded Up produces a live music video series consisting of 3-4 videos. All shot professionally in high definition 4K, recorded live through Pro Tools, and edited for consumption. This aspect of production leaves the recipient with an efficient portfolio to utilize for future bookings. 





Following production, the recipient is provided materials to help promote themselves as artists in our day and age. Our promotional package includes; professional still photos, social media clips, and optional website building. Boarded Up also helps to promote the artists; their new music, future shows and much more for the recipients future. Our relationship with the artists continues beyond the scope of time that we actively upload their series.



Lastly, our artist recipients' music is preserved through our YouTube channel. This allows Boarded Up and the artist to catalog and preserve their music for future generations to come. The YouTube channel not only allows new audiences to discover upcoming artists, but acts as a moment in time for these artists to reminisce on the early stages of their career. 

Boarded Up Foundation's artist recipient award aids musicians in their career through these three elements; Produce, Promote, and Preserve. We understand the reality that these elements are costly in today's music industry, which is why our award gives these building blocks to the artist completely for free! We are always brainstorming and planning new ways that we can do more for artists and we hope to add more elements to our programs as our foundation grows. Boarded Up trusts that leaving these artists with these tools can be vital in the progress of their future. 

If you're an artist interested in the Boarded Up Music Award, apply below!

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