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The story of Boarded Up Foundation begins with Louie Louie's Piano Bar, located in Deep Ellum of Dallas, TX. During the COVID pandemic, the business was devastated by mandated closures and they had to board up the windows to the bar. In order to not lay off their workers and make use of their stage, our founders felt the urge to do something for the fellow out-of-work musicians in the area. Thus, Boarded Up Foundation was born in order to provide local artists with access to quality live music video production, promotion, and preservation of their work, through the Boarded Up Music program. At the very beginning, everything we produced was done by the Louie Louie's staff; and we mean everything. We are lucky to have been able to expand our staff to bring in people dedicated to our foundation. We now have social media technicians, editors, and more, all focused on building us as a foundation and on providing the most we can for our artists. We continue our efforts in order to provide new opportunities for independent artists in the future. We strongly believe in what we do and what we are able to provide to the music community, we hope you believe in us too and will help keep the music alive. 

Our Mission

Our main goal through Boarded Up is that we are able to aid independent artists, both in the tools they need to further their career and in potentially finding them more work. Because our founders are musicians, they understand the difficulty of trying to make it through the music industry as an independent artist. Competing with big music industries with more money and resources than them can be discouraging to independent artists. Our goal is that all music gets the chance to stay alive regardless of circumstance. We feel strongly about aiding these artists and doing what we can for the developing culture of the music world. 


*From Left to Right and Top to Bottom*

Ronnie Wilson, Anthony "Oddy" Williams, Paul Trausch, Matt Tomlin, Sam Wilson, Luis Espino, Robert Mounce, Joey Hamende, Gabrielle Brisco, Rare Orion, Jasmin Mirik

Our Team

We are lucky and grateful that our foundation has grown and we now have a very special team that works in specialized areas of our cause. Our team consists of our founders, office manager, social media technicians, video editors, sound engineers, camera operators, and photographers; all of whom often collaborate and work together and are not solely confined to their positions. We believe this makes our team stronger and adds to our creative ability to reach our collective goals, as well as allows our staff to grow and dabble in their areas of interest. 

Internships at Boarded Up.

We also offer internship opportunities to students who are interested in audio/visual editing. We provide them with hands on opportunities to learn from our team and work on our videos. The hours spent at our office go towards their class credits from the University of Texas at Arlington. 


*From Left to Right*

Reiko Nakamura, Santiago Vargasjimenez, Eleanor Aiken

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