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The Boarded Up Foundation mission is to provide resources to empower those seeking success in the music industry. We offer complimentary services such as live music video production, audio production, and website building. Our outreach also hosts internships for high school and college students who are interested in the preforming arts and music industry. Our role is to act as a standing resource to propel artists’ careers through the Production, Promotion, and Preservation of independent music and to help bring awareness to careers in the music industry. We serve ALL genres and music fields. We offer a variety of programs in service to artists, these resources help independent artists create a demo for future venues and help talented students find scholarships or potential employment opportunities. Most importantly, Boarded Up provides all of these services FREE to the artists and FREE to the public to enjoy!

Matt Tedder -  Nothing At All-6.jpg

Boarded Up Music understands the challenges faced by independent artists in today's competitive industry, which is why the Boarded Up Music Award focuses on these three foundations for independent music; Production, Promotion, and Preservation.


Boarded Up Foundation’s Intern Program provides opportunities for college students to gain introduction to music industry careers. Our internships range from audio production, video production and editing, live music photography, artist relations (A&R), public relations (PR), and social media marketing.


Enjoy this small gallery of some of the photos that we take of the artists during our music video shoots. All photos curtesy of Kate Hamende!

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Sarah Johnson - Red Bandana-2.jpg
Vandell Andrew - Melanin-6 (1).jpg

Support Independent Music!

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