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Support Independent Music!

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Have you ever thought about how many great musicians exist that will never be heard?

Some of the finest music never gets the chance to reach the public, and as result, it withers on the vine. That’s why we started the Boarded Up Foundation, a nonprofit created to assist those in the music arts. Our mission is to Produce, Promote, and Preserve the music of independent artists. We serve ALL genres and musical fields and ALL types of musicians. From independent artists looking to expand their audiences, to talented students looking to find scholarships or potential employment opportunities, we offer a variety of programs in service to artists, who often find themselves struggling in the music industry today. Our programs range from music video production and website building through the Boarded Up Music program, to talent booking with Boarded Up Talent which helps artists secure bookings without additional fees. One of our main hopes is that we're able to generate more work for these artists and allow them to reach a wider audience through our programs and platforms. Best of all, we provide all of these services FREE to the artists and FREE to the public to enjoy!

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A program that focuses on live music video production, promotion, and preservation for independent artists.


Our newest program that acts as a talent booking agency that advocates for our past Boarded Up artists.

Boarded Up Music

Boarded Up Music was the initial program started within our foundation. Boarded Up Music focuses on music video production, promotion, and preservation.

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Through Boarded Up Music, we accept 3-4 artists a month to be featured on our Youtube Channel and produce a live music video series for them. (For more information on this program and to submit yourself for consideration, check out our Submissions page). These videos are filmed at Louie Louie's Piano Bar in Deep Ellum of Dallas, and are then edited in-house by our team. Once their series is ready to promote, we upload them to our YouTube channel, as well as across our various social media platforms. We work our hardest to promote the artists; their new music, future shows etc. for the indefinite future, not only for the scope of time that we are actively uploading their series.




Working on broadening our ability to promote artists, Boarded Up Foundation has implemented a system to create basic websites for artists that do not have one, in efforts to establish and promote their brand. 

Additionally, our YouTube channel allows us to catalog and preserve all of this music for future generations of music lovers to explore and enjoy.

All of these elements allow us to provide what we can for independent artists to aid in their careers. We are always brainstorming and planning new ways that we can do more for artists and we hope to add more elements to our services as our foundation grows. We personally feel the importance of our foundation because we understand the reality of expenses that come with doing all of this work yourself, especially for independent artists. We also trust that leaving these artists with their own live music videos provides them with a vital resource that can lead to more opportunity and growth in the future.













Boarded Up Talent is our newest program launch. Boarded Up Talent is a booking agency that advocates for the artists we have worked with for Boarded Up Music.

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Our YouTube channel serves as a catalog of all of our artists and their music, so potential music venues, event planners, and more can browse and find an artist that matches their vision. All the artists on our page have been vetted for professionalism by our board, plus all our videos are filmed live, with little, to no audio editing done. This means that you can be confident in the artists you're booking and the performance they will provide live.

Boarded Up Talent is a program we felt we needed to implement for independent artists. The typical booking agency takes a large percentage of the artist's pay as their own, and Boarded Up Talent does not. Boarded Up Talent takes absolutely no commissions or payment from the artists to insure that they receive all of their hard earned money. 


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