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Boarded Up Intern Program


Boarded Up Foundation’s Intern Program provides opportunities for college students to gain introduction to music industry careers. Our internships range from audio production, video production and editing, live music photography, artist relations (A&R), public relations (PR), and social media marketing. Our interns gain hands-on experience working with music industry professionals right in the heart of Downtown Dallas at the Boarded Up Foundation’s office space, as well as on set! Interns graduate our program having learned industry standard programs, the ‘ins-and-outs’ of the music industry, college credit and lifelong experiences to propel them into their futures. 

  • Stage Management: equipment set up and break down, live sound management

  • Sounds Design: sound checking, sound proofing, live audio recording 

  • Introduction to Pro Tools: proficiency into industry standard recording program

  • Lighting: learning flash, and other professional light standards

  • Live Action Subjects: learn angles and professional tips on how to shoot musicians 

  • Introduction to Photoshop: proficiency in industry standard editing software

  • Public Speaking: confidence in public on stage speaking

  • Administration: office related proficiency within communications

  • Community Engagement: event planning and street promotional outreach

  • Camera Operations: equipment set up and break down, live video management 

  • Lighting and Design: Learning angles, lighting and movement when recording live musicians  

  • Introduction to Final Cut Pro: Proficiency into a industry standard editing software

  • Communication with Artists: creating relationships with music artists and management

  • Promotion: public community engagement and outreach

  • Artist Administration: learning introductions to booking artists

  • Introduction to Marketing Platforms: pro tips and tricks on social media platforms

  • Social Media Analytics: proficiency of social media analytics and how to apply them 

  • Outreach: proficiency in internet community

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